Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's Hot and What's Not

It's weird but I feel as though my week's been more down than up ... I just don't seem to be able to stay on top of things this week.

What’s HOT

Work. More on the upside than not … although I feel as though I’m behind in everything.

Exercise. This has been going surprisingly good. I’ve started walking up and down 23 flights of stairs 3-4 times per week. There’s a group at work who get together to do it a couple of times a week (although they do the whole 48!), and I’ve been doing it on my own as well on other days.

Going out. My weekends have been full of wandering around, eating, walking, op shopping and meeting up with friends. It’s so nice going back to work after a fun weekend. I always find the week so much easier when I’ve had a good weekend before it starts.

Weeding. I’ve managed to get the garden almost under control with several massive early morning weeding fests. It’s starting to look so nice though that it’s a pleasure walking through it to the front door. Now I just need to find a way of getting my neighbour to get theirs weeded because it’s like walking through the middle of the jungle to get to the letterbox … between the ivy on one side and weeds on the other there’s hardly any space to walk!

What’s NOT been HOT

Computer. The darn thing’s at the computer doctor … poor baby was overheating and I don’t get it back until tomorrow. Still, I love MSY Technology who I bought my last computers from and I got one for my brother last year. Labour’s guaranteed for five years (yay!), and they’re cheap and good. But I miss it so much.

Knitting. This is a bummer for me at the moment. Little Baby H is due in about ten days and I find myself with hardly anything to send … and I really mean almost nothing. So many things started and frogged because I didn’t like them is the reason why. So I’m madly knitting little things on the train so I at least have something to send … and I feel so dissatisfied with it.

Octoberfest. I’ve hardly had a chance to post in weeks and I’ve given up on the idea of reading other people’s blogs. Without a computer at home there’s just no time at work to get through everything and I already spent over nine hours a day at work.

Definite pattern really … more happening outside the house than in.

Probably a good thing and the increasingly good weather might be part of the reason why.

How’s your week been ? Lots of exercise or crafting?

Drop me a line … I’d love to hear.

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