Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

Wandering around the streets of Carlton last week on my way to lunch with Big Fil at Soul Soup Café that I passed Dracula’s theatre restaurant. No secrets about what sort of theatre.

I’ve heard about this place for years but I had no idea where it was, or it was so close to work.

I’m not really a theatre restaurant person … often the theatre element will be ok but the food’s generally so/so.

As a general rule if I’m going to eat before I see a show I’d prefer the food to be as good as the show.

Lots more red in the world to enjoy … check out Work of the Poet.


Sue said...

Oh my goodness you opened up the memory box for me by showing Draculas! I remember going to a birthday party there about 22 years ago now. It was kind of strange and they do have audience participation too but I do remember it being a good laugh!

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