Sunday, October 31, 2010

Flea Market Finds

I thought this week I'd take a little wander through the eclectic blue and white (with a touch of gold) mix that is my crockery cupboard.

Thanks to Reverse Finds hosted by Catherine at pencils and pins I've been working my way through my kitchen cupboards and so far I've managed three ... of which one is the crockery shelf.

It was cluttered before and it still is ... but now it better shows off all the blue and white stuff I've managed to collect.

One thing that struck me after I'd done this is how dull too much white and blue of the same shade of blue looks. I think that might be part of the reason why Jo at Joe Bloggs stopped collecting blue and white china.

So instead of abandoning the cause I've decided to add a little lime green in ... and you can see the tiny little platter I found a few weeks ago with some lime green in it.

I just noticed a largish platter at the back with some yellow in it but I just can't warm to that colour in crockery? Can you? And I can see my favourite little bowl ... in the top right corner. I guess I'll just have to share that another time.

And the theme fits perfectly with the blue and lime green glasses I picked up a couple of months ago ... which I still totally love.

For more flea market finds ... Sophie Isobel at Her Library Adventures is the place to go.

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