Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's Hot & What's Not

It’s Wednesday … I can hardly believe where the weeks go time seems to be passing so quickly. Is the same thing happening to you?

What’s Hot

Baby knitting finished. Last night I finished the scarf and hat I’ve been making for baby Hannah. I love the colour combination (although I couldn't photograph it properly) and the yarn is so soft and warm. I hope Holly likes them.

Knitting socks. I’ve learnt to knit sock on an 80cm round needle … and it’s so exciting. Isn’t it silly to feel so clever about something just about anybody could do … but I do! It's like growing up in the knitting world; a right of passage as it were. I love knowing how to do it.

Exercise. After two weeks of doing nothing more than walking I went back to Yoga yesterday and Pilates tomorrow. I feel so much better and I was happy not to have lost too much of the strength I/ve built up over the last eight months. I even managed four rather pathetic push ups last night … showing off to Mr H.

Craft groups. I’ve managed to find three amazing craft groups that I can’t choose between them. They’re all different and fit different parts of me: NCB is large and vibrant. The crafts represented are really wide and varied, and a larger group usually gets together. They’re a great group to get together and chat about anything and everything. NCB meets once a fortnight on a week night and not much crafting ever gets done (by me). Perle 8 is a smaller and quieter group who mainly knit and quilt, so it’s easier to chat with people. They meet every week on a week night and I always get some crafting done. My last group is a knitting group through Ravelry … and it’s nice to spend time just with people who knit. It’s a small group who meet once a month for lunch and I always get a little knitting done.

New shoes. I’ve been looking for a not too high heeled pair of brown shoes and on Monday I caught sight of the perfect pair at Campers. They are so soft and comfortable and have a relatively low wedge heel. They were more expensive than I wanted to pay but I’ve been looking for so long I just sucked it up.

What’s Not

Not enough time. I just have so many things I want to get done at the moment I feel as though I’m swimming against the tide.

Sore toe. I have no idea what I’ve done but the darn thing is swollen and painful. I might have to make a visit to the doctor if it doesn’t improve over the next couple of days.

Busted TV. My TV of two years went blind (no picture) and is currently with the doctor having something or other replaced. I miss my little darling and I’ll be so happy to get it back on Friday.
Overheating computer. The computer’s likely to go critical soon so I’m watching it carefully because I can’t bear to be without it. But I’m going to have to bite the bullet and once the TV’s back and hooked up I’ll drop the darn thing off on Saturday morning. I’m so sad already.

Wanna play? I bet there’s lots happening around your place as well: sick kids, crafting achieved, new car, work plans … I’d love to hear.


Jo said...

Love the scarf and beannie - so cute. Nice shoes too!!

green tea and red nails said...

oh i would love to be able to knit woollen winter socks! i guess i should start by just learning how to knit fullstop. haha! looks lovely :)

kel x