Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

It’s no secret Miss C’s Boy loves cars … he has three, and he works as a fitter and turner at his dad’s workshop which specialises in high performance cars. Definitely a petrol head (Aussie slang for car loving) family given his four brothers have also passed through the dad’s workshop and emerged as fitter and turners.

The rivalry in Australia amongst car aficionados is Ford or our home grown Holden. My family are Ford fans … my brother Mr J is a big petrol head too. But the Boy is a Holden fan ... and this is his beloved HJ Kingswood.

It's painted in matt black with black leather seats, and enamelled red wheels. Very stylish. The Boy’s also modified the Kingswood from a three on the tree (three gear column shift) to a four on the floor (four speed floor shift).

And a close up of those wheels ... lovely red wheels.

Because his cars are modified, each of them is very hard to drive. And after many years of driving with power steering and power assisted brakes I’m not much interested in trying … especially after driving a three on the tree Kingswood in the 1980s with the worst turning circle of any car I’ve ever driven.

For more royal redness ... check out Mary over at Work of the Poet.


reg said...

this car is not a car it is a work of art.

Maxabella said...

That's so snazzy. I can't say I'm a car freak, but I'd freak over that one - those red wheels are like a pair of stilettos (don't tell the Boy I said that)!! Love a Kingswood. As kids our parents had a beige Kingswood station wagon and it still has my heart. x

Francisca said...

That is indeed a car with a personal stamp on it. The color palette is perfectly in trend... black, white and dash of red. What fun! I love to drive cars... no power brakes and steering for this speed freak! :-D

Meri said...

The red wheels are so dashing!

Spadoman said...

Very cool! I like cars. Over here in "Merica" we call those folks Motor Heads. Of course we say gas, not petrol. Like a whole nuther language, except we have the same interests.
I've heard of Holden, but never seen one in person. This is an older one on your Ruby post. Great Ruby wheels!
I'm a Ford guy. My Mom worked for Ford and retired from there and so did my brother-in-law.
And I like your slang, "Three on the tree:". That's the same here, stick shift mounted to the steering column.
More in common than one might realize.
Great post!


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

I too love cars. If only I had the $ I put into so many from long ago, I could've retired a few years earlier. LOL


Auntie E said...

great red wheels.
My Ruby Link for you

Felisol said...

Work of art, that's the right expression.
The red wheels do the trick!

Annie said...

Love those red wheels. But really - NO power steering? LOL

chubskulit said...

It stood out for sure.

Spice Up Your Life with Ruby Tuesday!

Loree said...

What sassy red tires. I love them.

Ralph said...

I've checked the HJ to HZ Holdens, and they are lovely cars (in fact, the GMH cars from the 70s are better styled than the GM America cars of the same era). I really like the looks of the Monaro from back then

We don't see old GMH cars like this in the USA as we drive on the wrong side of the road...I did see a ruby red XA Falcon (351GT?) a few years ago at a car show here in Connecticut (with a Texas reg), but that's it for Oz cars that i've seen in person

The black paint is offset very nicely by the red wheels. This is a big car that looks great!