Sunday, September 26, 2010

Reverse Finds

It’s hard to know where to start at my place for Reverse Finds (not because everything I have is amazing but simply because we have so much stuff!) but one obvious place was to sort through the cupboard beside the stove.

I’m sure everyone has one of these … that kitchen cupboard equivalent of the drawer that everything that doesn’t have a home gets shoved. And it’s timely too because that dear little cupboard hasn’t been sorted through in years.

So what did I manage to pass on to new homes?
· 4 lunch boxes that haven’t been used in more than ten years
· Assorted moulds
· Stuff

I didn't end up binning much stuff ... which was good to know what we have is mostly good and can go to new homes and won't end up in landfill.

In the end it was more about moving on things we no longer need, and then rearranging so that things fit … all the storage and measuring stuff is together.

Do you need a little order in your life … or just your house? Do you want to play? Pop over to pencils and pins for a little inspiration. Catherine's definitely keeping me on track … and it’s cheaper than therapy!


Catherine said...

Oh I totally know who you feel with the question of "where to start" - every cupboard in our house needs a tidy! It's amazing how quickly plastic containers accumulate, isn't it?

nicole said...

you know when you've been spending too much time with your head in a microbiology text book when...
you read 'assorted moulds' and think that there must be a LOT of fungus around.
i then realised that in the real world moulds are things that you put jelly and cakes and things in!!!