Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday knitting pattern

Most vintage patterns in the stores are more of the same … the same colours, the same styles, the same poses. Patons, in particular, the best selling providers of patterns and yarn is guilty of this.

So I was really excited when I found two pattern books from the 1960s … stuff made with a sort of string called Tarabast.

And fortunately there was a great explanation of what tarabast is in the pattern books.

I remember this stuff … and it looks great as a bag. There were both knitted and crocheted versions in the books.

I bet lots of op shoppers have even seen versions around and never realised. I may have too.

You can even use it for hats and placemats and coasters .. who would have thought?

I like the knitted bags. Very stylish. I think the blue and white bag is my favourite.

So which is your favourite item? A bag? And which colour?


Maxabella said...

I remember those little bags so well. Each of my sisters had one when we were little. They had wooden handles and the material was really, really scratchy!! The things you remember! x

marian said...

i've got the same books, aren't they priceless!?

Jo said...

Great books. I don't think I've come across those purses before. I like the one with the vertical stripes.