Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday knitting pattern

There are times the most innocuous of things can surprise or shock me … and this week it’s a knitting pattern.

I’m always trying to think of interesting ways to share the patterns I have—looking for themes or ideas of interest like a couple of weeks ago when I found a number of Starsky & Hutch lookalike cardigans from the mid 1970s.

This week as I looked at my patterns hoping for inspiration something leapt out at me immediately as I looked at this pattern … there’s a guy holding a double barrelled shot gun on the cover! Can you believe it?

It’s not the scruffy, not quite squeaky clean model holding the gun (that’s the guy next to him surprisingly), but the clean cut, perfectly coiffured guy holding the gun.

And it’s not just the once. He’s holding it possessively over and over again on several pages.

Walking in the great outdoors wearing aviator sunnies.

Get a look at the macho body language? And is it just me or is the way Mr Clean Cut is standing at odds with the “scarf wearing Benny Hill gay” look?

Checking to see whether the gun has shells maybe? And are you feeling the envy coming from Mr Scruffy? Mr Scruffy looks as though he's longing to get his hands on the gun.

I never knew knitting could be so scary ...

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