Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

Anybody who’s read my blog before or knows me knows that I believe graffiti to be a legitimate art form. It’s topical, it’s current … and I like it also because it’s underground. Graffiti artists—which I think they are—are the Rembrandts and Van Goghs of today.

Before I’m slammed for promoting vandalism … I’m not talking about tasteless and pointless tagging done by people without talent or a life. I can’t stand buildings and trains defaced by people who should be made to clean off their childish rebellion. Being able to buy a can of spray paint doesn’t make you an artist any more than getting behind a fast car makes you a racing car driver!

What I’m talking about are people with real talent. And I’m lucky to live in a city that not only understands this … but which provides them with multiple canvases to share their talent.

The location I like best is the Hosier Lane area at the top end of Melbourne … this place totally rocks.

Check out this gorgeous girl … courtesy of Deb, one of the best known Melbourne graffitists. Debs has done work for various mainstream media in Australia and has even travelled to Los Angeles for her art. I love catching her work in the most unexpected places and I’m glad she’s able to work creatively in her preferred field.

And because I can ... a few more views along Ruttledge Lane, just off Hosier Lane.

The umbrellas look fantastic and I’m just sorry I arrived after one of them had blown away and another is askew. It would have been amazing when it was first put up.

And what about this? I love this new form of graffiti ... a sort of wallpaper installation that's taking Melbourne by storm. And wickedly red!

So what do you think of graffiti? Do you think it’s art … or do you lump tagging and graffiti into the same bag and think it’s all just vandalism? Maybe your city sets aside a canvas for local graffitists to explore their talent? Drop me a line … I’d love to see.

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GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

I always visit my meme neighbors. (We posted just after you) and how FUN to find your blog. I, too, like grafitti as long as the person receiving it doesn't feel victimized. The talent when one puts finger to the spray paint trigger can be amazing. The umbrella photo in its darkness and almost monochrome state is a stark contrast to the graffiti. All is lovely.


hip chick said...

I like to see graffiti that is well done. However, I don't like it when it mars private property or is crude.

Auntie E said...

I don't mind it if it is like this.
My Ruby Tuesday Link for you

siromade08 said...

if it is artistic like, it would be nice. but vandalism that looks dirty no no no..

love your post though its interesting and opinionated.

sylviesgarden said...

Wow, I love the umbrellas.
I also see graffiti as an art form in the right circumstances. Some of it is beautiful, sometimes thought provoking.

reg said...

I agree with your comment. As a rule I usually see it as a form of vandalism. Often it is just that. However when done professionally, it can be beautiful and thought provoking.

Ralph said...

The main difference between tagging and art is a gulf - the artist sees the possibilities this wall can lead to (while the gangster merely tags to establish boundaries). What we see is mural art that is pleasing and gives us a look into the imagination of the artist.

I went to college in a poorer mill town, They are a town of murals, where a grand vision is seen by the artist. These links show an artistry on old buildings that give life. I almost think the town offered a challenge to potential graffiti artists to expand their artistic horizons...check the links for mural artistry:


Anonymous said...

My favorite is the middle one.

EG Wow said...

This graffiti is indeed tasteful, :)

Manang Kim said...

Vandalism is destructing somebody's property. I don't mind to see murals or graffiti because I do love looking at them. For me it's once expression of an artist and it is to the onlookers to unlock what it is. So it's kind of fun. Love your photos here and thank you for sharing!

RRT~Red Hollyhock

PeacefulGirl said...

Very cool ;) I've never seen graffiti that good before.

Robin said...

I'm with you - I love street art but definitely not graffiti that's meant to deface instead of beautify.

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

JLS Hall (Joysweb) said...

Wonderful examples of street art! I love "public" art so long as it's well-done and not just malicious defacing. Here in the DC area, we have a lot of graffiti, but most of it isn't really great to look at.

Stephani said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love these paintings. It's funny, I have never thought of this as graffiti. I've always thought of this type of work as simply an artist's mural. A mural painted on a wall with permission of the property owner or city. I think the term graffiti has inherited a negative connotation and maybe that's why I don't refer to this type of work as graffiti.

Jodi said...

How funny! I recently posted on my love for Banksy's work and here you go and find another graffiti artist to introduce me to. I think there's a huge difference between a graffiti artist and someone who merely defaces property. And people who can't seem to discern between an art installation and a "tag" make me sad. ;)

Dave said...

im with you here, excellent photos.