Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday knitting pattern

I recently picked up this 1960s Patons pattern for school jumpers … in pretty well mint condition.

And hand knit school jumpers, complete with the obligatory stripe around the V-neck and cuffs, were a big thing back in the day (I love that saying).

I didn’t realise quite how big until I hunted out this primary school photo of mine … it’s my grade 3 primary school class photo from 1968.

Check out how many grandmothers and mothers have knit jumpers using the basic Patons patterns … including the school jumper.

PS Which one do you think is me? A prize to the person who gets it right.

EDITED TO ADD: Jo very quickly identified the real me ... the blonde with missing teeth seated right in the centre of the front row. I wonder if Jo had an unfair advantage having spent the weekend as my roomie at Sew It Together? Jo ... an email's on its way.


ecoMILF said...

second row from the top far left??? cute photo and loving those patterns! xo m.

Jo said...

Front row 4th from right? The little blondie with missing teeth? Cute patterns.

Megan said...

second row, third from the right in the dress. i always love playing the guess the baby vs now photo game, it pops up at school quite often.

kgirl said...

I adore the school-colours striping on vest and jumpers - I search op shops for just such things!

hmm, can't pick you in that bunch?