Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's Hot & Not and Good Things

It’s the end of the month (again) and time to reflect on what’s been hot and not for the month … a good month in general. I’m loving how 2010 just seems to be coming together for me.

What’s been Hot

Explore. This is becoming easier all the time. I’m feeling more comfortable working out who I want to be and where I’m going. The world feels a far less formidable place, I’m sleeping better and feeling more refreshed when I wake up … and I think where I chose to channel my energies are really helping. They’re all things I enjoy, it’s the space I want to occupy and it’s a perfect balance of doing things for myself and with/for others. (And many thanks to Cathy (Tinniegirl) for keeping my wish for me for the year. It’s made all the difference).

Cook more. I have actually cooked this month, so I’m counting that as a plus! Not impressive though.

Exercise more. This is going really well. I’ve lost about an inch off my waist and no weight at all … which is exactly my aim. So the yoga and pilates each week are really paying dividends and now I’m planning to add climbing up and down ten flights of stairs twice a week before work to my weekly exercise regime. I just feel brighter and more alert now I’m exercising … and so much better at coping with life.

Spend more time with friends and family. I’ve been working hard to make sure Mr H and I spend time together and this month I’ve managed quite a lot of spending time with friends too. Far more than usual: a weekend away at Sew It Together, lunch a couple of times with my regular foodies and I joined a new crafting group, the Perle 8s. The Perle 8s are very close to me and meet every Thursday evening. It will be nice not to travel so far and once a month I will make the effort to travel over to NCB. I really love NCB, but it’s a long way to travel when it’s cold at night and will only get harder.

Find something good each day. I decided I was coasting against this, just accepting that what I was writing each day was positive without having to put any effort into it. I’ve decided to challenge myself, at least for a while, to actually come up with something good. It doesn’t have to be different every day … just something I’m grateful for. I’ll see how I go in a month’s time.

Finish 5 craft projects. This has been easier than I thought with one craft project finished this month (the SIT felted flowers) and another almost finished except for the blocking (my mother’s shawl). I might actually get anywhere up to ten projects finished this year … although I really should keep quiet, shouldn’t I?

What Not been Hot

Travel. No travel here … unless you count a bus fabric tour? Although the trip Mum and I have booked for Lake Macquarie in August is getting ever closer and we really need to get the accommodation booked.

Good thing for the day: Messages from the Universe

One of the things that had come to bother me was how unobservant I’d become … and I was once the most observant person that if I returned somewhere after an absence I could remember exactly what had changed. I’ve lost that skill and it makes me feel disconnected from the world … but I’ve been working hard on this and the world actually spoke to me.

In a lane in Melbourne, coming out of a dumpling restaurant there they were … half a dozen or more crazy, kooky messages.

I really liked this one ... it spoke to me in some strange way. After all I feel as thought I've been lost for a long time ...

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Jo said...

This all sounds so good. It is hard to find time to stop and think about life and directions. Glad that you are doing things that make you happy. I have been sick all week so the house is a mess, my e-mails are piling up and now crafting or sewing at all :-(