Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Good things: Ruby Tuesday

Time for Ruby Tuesday again ... for more ruby goodness wander over and visit MaryT at Work of the Poet.

My photo for this week is a watering can ... wedged handily in the railings at waist height.

The perfect height to grab without bending over to pick it up.


Ralph said...

The red watering can is attention grabbing, at a fine height for the gardeners in all of us. With a color so bold, who could forget their watering duties?

Becky said...

Nice shot of the watering can. It makes me want a red one.

Here's my red photo.

Little Ted Canvas said...

Nce idea, very practical!

Hootin' Anni said...

Clever gardener!!

My Ruby Tuesday is posted...plus a joke [PG-13] today. Do come by for a visit, won't you?!!


Dave said...

Cool and clever!

Ruby said...

nice shot out here!

Euroangel said...

i think i need that for my garden...i love red! thanks for the visit!
Euroangel Graffiti
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Marice said...

its been ages since we used something like that :) cute!

u may view mine too here