Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good Things & My Place & Yours

My Place & Yours: Preloved-inherited or thrifted
Danielle at HelloOwl's theme for this week is Preloved-inherited or thrifted ... chosen by Zoe over at A Boy's Mummy. A lovely theme .... given the amount of time I spent in op shops.

And it was an easy choice to share one of the first thrifted items I bought when I left home some 30+ years ago.

And I love it as much today as the day it called out to me.

Good thing for today: Embracing the Inner Child
I'm not always good at embracing the inner child ... I'm the practical one, the organiser, the bill payer.

But Mr H always see the possibilities ... that's one of his strengths. He never gets too old to try everything including this push pedal bike in Sovereign Hill earlier this year.


Zoe said...

I love Sovereign Hill!
I havent been since I was a little girl! Still have my very own peice of gold!

marian said...

oh what a lovely plate Susan!

i agree we all should make time to embrace the inner child. i believe we would live a happier and enriched life for it! x

Cherie said...

Oh Susan that plate is gorgeous. Love the peek at Mr H - great fun ;)

Cinda said...

That plate is lovely!
I think we have to tune into our inner child to remind us of the fun there is to life.

Janine said...

what a lovely plate. LOl at Mr H, I am like him and like to tune into my inner child.