Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good things: What's Hot & What's Not

I haven’t posted What’s Hot & What’s Not for a couple of weeks. For a lot of reasons I haven’t really felt motivated to blog at all, although that’s changing at the moment. I find the urge not to blog usually hits me every six weeks or so. But I’m feeling energised at the moment and happy because it’s coincided with the end of the month when I compare how I’m going with my New Year’s Plans.

What’s been Hot

Cook more. I actually cooked twice this month. Amazing I know! It’s usually the same thing … lamb, although most recently I’ve experimented with lamb neck and barley, on a bed of mashed potatoes. Wonderfully warming and soothing as winter approaches.

Explore. I feel as though I’m really growing this year, both personally and creatively. I’m branching out in all sorts of ways creatively, and this month joined a local knitting group a few suburbs away that will be much easier to meet up with. I’m also exploring op shops in all sorts of new areas I don’t usually visit: the weekend just past I went to Malvern and the week before to Noble Park.

Spend time with others. I feel as though I’ve done well with friends and family this month. Plenty of time with crafting and other friends, including going out to dinner last weekend. I also went down to Ballarat to visit the family and I’m there again the weekend coming.

Find something good each day. In some ways I started this because I thought I could be too negative but I realise as time passes that isn’t the case.

5 craft projects. I’m well on my way to finishing 5 projects for 2010. The first two finished were for swaps but I deliberately joined them because the deadline kept me focussed. Now I’m working on a couple of knitting projects: a shawl, baby’s scarf, baby’s cardigan and another swap for Sew It Together. Three of them are 2/3 done with the baby’s scarf 95% finished.

Travel. I’ve been doing a few day trips including a walk around the city Saturday going looking at the graffiti in various laneways. I always enjoy that. Plus Mum and I are planning a trip to the Blue Mountains in August … I’ve wanted to return there for many years and haven’t got around to organising something before now.

What’s Not

Renovations. As usual this is a total dud … so I’m putting it on the hiatus pile until further notice. I’m so much more focussed on the craft side of things, which is so busy and fun at the moment, that I want to reduce that pile and get back to the renovations. If only the two coincided in some way.


Anonymous said...

I've gotta ask - you cooked twice? What do you cook/eat the rest of the time? Lamb is so yummy isn't it? the perfect cold weather food!

I hear you about renovations. I wish we were inspired to do more. It's a big undertaking and I don't think we're very good at it. I'd like to feel more confident with it.

michelle said...

nothing like a hint of winter to motivate the comfort food cooking. i think that blogging keeps me positive. helps me to focus on all that is good in my life. good luck in the oppies

one little acorn said...

I do love good comfort food - and that sounds soooo good.
As for the renovations and crafty combination - how about painting a few canvasses to hang on your walls.
Cushions are always good too... It's not always an easy balance to maintain. Good on you for being blog motivated... I'm a bit stuck at the moment. With most things creative actually.
Sew it Together is coming up, and seriously, I have no idea what to even take to the Saturday session!