Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good things: My Creative Space

My Creative Space has been a flurry of activity because of looming deadlines: well, the weekend really when I travel to Ballarat to visit my mother for mother's day (7 May), see my mother for her birthday (7 May), and see my niece Miss T for her birthday (1 May).

I need to finish my mother's shawl ... which I've only been working on for 2 months and it's still sitting at about 90% finished.

I'm putting together a cross stitch kit for Miss T's birthday. I know exactly what I want to do but I still have to pull the threads (sorry for the pun, it wasn't deliberate) together. The last things to do are to get the hand towel and draw up a pattern. I'm sure she'll like it ... she's definitely following in the family crafty tradition.

And I'm right at the end of my stuff for the Sew It Together swap. I'm more than 80% there but the pressure is always on at the last moment to get it right. And if this doesn't work I have less than a fortnight to make something new from scratch. Now, that's pressure.

What does your creative space look like ... check out kootoyoo for more crafting goodness.


Jodi said...

Mine looks like a bomb went off, and thanks so much for reminding me! :P

kgirl said...

ooh, good luck with those deadlines!

that red and blue look particularly fetching together - intriguing!