Monday, February 22, 2010

Good things/Clean up Monday

Time to ‘fess up whether I’ve been a good girl this week or had to madly scramble around on Monday night to get something done at the last minute … and I can report I got a few things done over the weekend and managed to get a little more done tonight.

The really good part started Friday morning with the electrician arriving to install the ceiling/extractor fans and kitchen lights purchased last weekend.

The new bedroom fans.

Wait for this ... he arrived on time and charged as per quote so it was a good three hours work (and it’s been wonderful sleeping under a fan during the last two warm nights). PS He lives around Berwick and will do work in the eastern and southern suburbs of Melbourne so let me know if you’re looking for someone.

The kitchen lights after I've plastered and sanded.

So the weekend saw me standing on the kitchen table cleaning the ceiling and plastering around the new light fitting and then whizzing through the kitchen to get it cleaned up after the mess I made sanding back plaster. It was even nice to have the table moved because it gave me the chance to really clean where it usually stands, and Mr H sorted out the debris on the kitchen bench so it’s looking pretty good at the moment.

Miss W ... do you recognise the kitchen bench?

There's still so much to be done and I’m feeling a little poor at the moment after the electrician’s visit … but when I’m recovered it’ll be time to get a TV aerial and sockets installed, and for new screen doors and a new back door.

What are you doing around the house? Is it something big like an extension, or just sweating a million small things like me? It’s a total pain keeping on top of everything and sharing with all of you is really helping me … so feel free to share with me if it’ll help get things done.

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Little Ted Canvas said...

Wow, I commend you on getting all those painstaking jobs done! I'm terrible at that sort of house upkeep/improvements. It's taken me two years just to get the plumber in to hook up a water hose on the fridge! So I'm tipping staining the deck, repainting window frames & taking the child locks off all the cupboards (all on the 'list') are jobs that me be quite some time off...