Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sunday Stash Sun 17 Jan 2010

Tamara over at 1/4 of an inch is still on summer hiatus but I'm trying to stick to my blogging schedule so here goes. Happy Sunday Stashing everybody.

Early in the New Year I was naughty in the Morris and Sons 5% sale and picked up this lovely yarn to make ... guess what?

Socks ... of course!

This is absolutely my favourite colour combination ... Jigsaw 4 ply 75% wool/25% nylon approx 420 metres.

Now why would I be buying even more sock yarn when I'm lucky to have time to scratch myself at the moment and hardly have time to make the cushions I've planned for my niece?

Smack me now! LOL (I hope Clarissa's not looking ... the last time I said bite me ... she did!)

But don't I have great sock yarn?

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