Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Neil: Mon 4 Jan 10

NEIL: Mornington Peninsula (again)
We wandered back down to the Mornington Peninsula to visit the spots we missed a few days ago ... and to see the Rennison's at Pt Leo. This time I got to introduce Neil to Meagan and I hope the two of them get the chance to go somewhere together.

Point Nepean National Park.
Our first stop was Point Nepean, primarily because it would give Neil the chance to see how small the Heads really are ... and also because I just love any chance to visit there.

A ship going through the Heads ... the perfect way to see them.

It's so clear and big ... and I love wandering around the old fortifications and scrub. It's just so peaceful and clean.

The beautiful coastline on the Bass Strait side ... this is what makes it so perfect.

The downside to the day was the flies ... brought out by the brilliant sunshine. And they made a beeline to Neil in a way Horace is usually the only one to experience. They absolutely loved him ... and drove Neil crazy!

Neil trying out the Australian salute ... brushing away the flies that were driving him crazy.

There's such a diversity of things to do ... we wandered through the fortifications all over the national park ... including this spot where Horace took a shower in a spot that was once inhabited by army personnel.

Crazy Horace pretending to have a shower ... he's just a big ham!

And just before we left we walked through the bush from the gunner's cottage that wound its way past a cemetary and back around to the road.

My favourite photo of the day ... Horace and Neil wandering through the bush.

Point Leo.
It was nice spending a few hours with the Rennisons ... and Neil and Meagan hit it off really well. Either that, or Neil was pleased to see someone even remotely his own age and just couldn't stop talking! LOL

Neil and Meagan sitting on a random boat on the beach ... just because we could.

Wandering over the rocks at low tide looking for things in the rock pools.

Something slimy found by Neil in the rock pools! Ewk!

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