Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Neil: Sat 3 Jan 10

NEIL: Visiting the Art Gallery
The day didn’t start out with such nice weather so a day in order—at the Art Gallery—seemed in order so as not to waste the day.

Neil standing outside the art gallery against the water streaming down the glass wall ... Neil liked the way this was done.

Not really Neil’s thing—spending the day with grandparents and a day at the art gallery—but he was a really good sport wandering around and taking in a little culture. I expect him to wow his mother with talk of Pre-Raphaelite paintings and the broad, sweeping strokes of the early Impressionists. He’s all primed to impress when he gets back … don’t let me down Neil.

Look Mum ... Neil actually looking interested in art!

He was a little naughty as we wandered through the Asian artefacts and snapped a few pics using his flash. When the guard popped his head around to ask that the flash not be used he looked straight at me ... when it definitely wasn't me! Whoops!

And finally Neil with his usual expression towards the camera. Wini and he are definitely related!

It was nice to spend a not so nice day wandering around the art gallery ... but it's so small after the V&A in London and the Met in New York. I'm not sure I'll ever feel the same way about it again.

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