Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good things Wed 20 Jan 2010

GOOD THINGS: Hand bags
I'm a girl ... for all the people out there completely oblivious to that blindingly obvious fact .. and because I'm a girl I like handbags.

Well ... something like that, anyway.

So when I saw these beauties on ink & spindle I was suckered ... I so want one. (If you could see me I'm lying on the floor crying and kicking my feet in a tanty because I don't need any more stuff and I need to convince myself I have to have one!).

This is so gorgeous. I love the mix of fabric patterns and colours. I love the interesting texture that comes from the shape. Hey ... I just love it!

The bag and purses on the ink & spindle website are from the soon to be released new range by nancybird ... I haven't heard of them before but it's from a Melbourne based designed who has stockists all over Australia and New Zealand ... including quite a few in Melbourne. It's so nice to be supporting somebody locally with so much talent ... I can feel a new obsession coming on!

Will I ... won't I? Oh heck!

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