Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good things Tue 12 Jan 10

GOOD THINGS: My new haircut
I was wandering past the hairdresser this morning and wandered in on impulse and left the salon an hour later with a brand new haircut. I only planned to make an appointment for later in the week!

The hair cut isn't much different to what I normally get: the same style and length really. But the blow dry ... that's where the new starts!

My last haircut at the end of October; blow dried calm and sleek by my usual hairdresser.

And my latest haircut by the new guy ... I guess I got what I asked for because he asked me whether I wanted him to give my hair some body.

The bouncy hairdo ... a one of a kind and not something I'm ever going to be able to manage on my own.

I just never realised I'd end up looking like a model in a 70s crochet magazine ... anybody got anything they'd like me to model! LOL

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