Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Project 365 Wed 16 Dec 09

It's Wednesday again and time for What's Hot and What's Not ... brought to the world by Claire at Loobylu.

PS Claire is still to put up the joining thingie ... I assume we're still playing this week! LOL
Updated Thu 17 Dec 09: Claire is playing and we're on. Hooray! LOL

What’s hot?

Christmas mail. I finally mailed Wini’s stuff to her today. I got to the post office yesterday only to be told they don’t accept what I put inside … you’ll just have to put up with the crypticness now that the Christmas present has become a birthday present to be offered up in March when Wini visits. So I raced around last night at 6pm to get a replacement gift (which ended up as gifts) and the present was rewrapped and mailed at lunchtime today. Hooray!

Wini's gift before I tried to mail it yesterday ... taken just before I went to the post office.

Flashing Christmas lights. There’s a really cute set above my desk at work … and I’m loving them. Not very carbon footprint aware of me is it?

Work Christmas parties. I’m going to the bare minimum this year and on Friday I’m sloping off early to enjoy the extra time with Horace. Awwwwwwwwwww! Oh, and to the framer’s to organise Tamika’s frame. LOL

7Gypsies. I seriously love 7Gypsies—Debbie Crouse and Paula Cheney are the bomb. It started out with me looking for a punch for the Advent Calendar project they have on their blog ... and they went to the local Michaels to take a photo of the Martha Stewart punch for me because they didn’t have the packaging. What service, what amazing people. If I wasn’t already a 7Gypsies fan already I would be now … wow!

And who wouldn't want to make this calendar ... isn't it amazing? I can't wait to get the bits and pieces of stuff and have it ready for December next year. And if you're interested as well the instructions are on the 7Gypsies blog.

This is so gorgeous I can't wait to see it sitting behind the Christmas display next year.

PS You can also buy a kit with most of the stuff to make the Advent Calendar on etsy. I'm off to get mine now.

What’s not?

Postage from the US. I wanted to order some stuff from the 7 Gypsies Etsy site but it’s USD$60 for a 3lb box. Looks like it’s going to be shipped to Wini and then she can seamail the goodies to me. Patience is a virtue they say … wonder if I can order a little patience for Christmas?

Christmas cards. The sending that is … not the getting! LOL I am so seriously behind this year and I’m still tossing up whether I can be bothered.

The weather. It’s seriously hot outside … with fire warnings in place again. Summer in Australia sure is a scary place to be.


Redness said...

Definitely ... that calender is gorgeous, so are the rest of your hots ('cept the postage)!
No nots for me this week ~ I'm doing a vintage button Giveaway instead ... pop over if you have time. ;)

Lydia said...

yes oh yes that is an awesome board, love it! That shipping is brutal. Crazy!

Claire said...

oh that shipping is terrible! The calendar is gorgeous however. Sorry I was late to post this week! Thanks for playing along regardless. xx