Friday, December 18, 2009

Project 365 Fri 18 Dec 09

ARCHIVE FRIDAY: Christmas 1990
I love looking back at old photos and mulling over the memories … thanks Melissa at Emjies Treasures for giving me the incentive to get more of my old negatives scanned.

This week I scanned some negatives from 1990 to share … it was such a brilliant period in our lives when the girls were little.

This particular year my mum, Horace, the kids and I went out to Kirks Reservoir (just outside Ballarat) on Boxing Day for a wander around.

There’s plenty to see there: water storage in the dam, a playground for the kids and a small but very pretty garden.

It’s so green and lush, and at Christmas time too … those were the days.

This photo is of Mum and Wini on the expanse of grass in the middle of the garden. The two of them are so quiet and peaceful together ... which is the personality of both of them to a tee … and that’s what she was like most of the time.

Such great memories.

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Emjie said...

Photos are great. They help us remember the way we were and are wonderful keepsakes.
This photo is a lovely green and I love that tree.