Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Project 365 Tue 3 Nov 09

This year Melbourne Cup Day is only a day off for me ... I'm refusing to do anything I don't have to and that includes watching the race itself.

I spent all yesterday dreaming about spending the day sleeping and reading my latest book.

My beautiful bed with my favourite coverings ... a Christmas present from my sister Carol about four years.

I am loving Ken Follett's World Without End.. I managed to find the previous book (Pillars of the Earth) in the LA airport on the way back and I devoured it on the plane. Now I'm doing the same with this book and I will be so sad when it's finished. I love Ken Follett's vision of the medieval world and his creation of believable and creditable plots and characters. He's without par in his field ... and I can't wait for his next novel.

The cover ... aren't libraries the best places when you have a reading obsession?

However, it's already almost midday and I am so not going to be able to spend the rest of the day reading because my list for today beckons ... the local video store to pay an overdue fine of $3.60 (what's with sending a nasty letter re this when I didn't even know I had an overdue fine?) and Esprit to exchange a t-shirt. I bought the wrong size on the weekend.

Guess who's going to be reading tonight until the book's finished?

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