Monday, November 9, 2009

Project 365 Sun 8 Nov 09

This week's theme is an interesting one ... my secret weapon, and this is a pretty clever idea by week by My Bricole whose secret weapon is the most amazing ice-cream mixture.

And it's really got me thinking.

Is it my camera? Something I share with Maybe Next Week who's called her Nikon 450D Daisy Fforde. I love my little darling as much but I never thought of naming her. I'll have to give that some thought.

I really like Melanie's secret weapon, at M's ... the most gorgeous metal pencil case she keeps her crochet hooks and bits and pieces in.

And Jo over at Jo So & Sew has the most serious pencil sharpener as her secret weapon.

But what about mine ... well, my secret weapon is a scent; the scent of spring.

I can't get enough and I love spring for all the sweet flowering bulbs in the stores.

And when there are no spring flowers to be had there's my trusty burner.

Gerberas are beautiful at any time ... together with the wonderful scent of freesias.

Flowers and my burner at the same time ... how lucky am I to get both?


Neen said...

Ah the smell of Blossoms and garden roses and freshly mowed lawn, there is nothing like it. Spring always reminds me of being really young, in my school dress with friends talking about boys and cooking up schemes......

Sarah said...

Love gerberas, I used to think they were called gerbils when I was younger and got really confused about why anyone would want to put a small pet rodent in a vase....