Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 10 Blogtoberfest 2010 I can't stop sneezing

I'm allergic to two things: dust (hence my aversion to house cleaning) and those little yellow daisies I always thought were called cakeweed. (Any ideas what they're called since google doesn't throw up anything called cakeweed?)

A close up of cakeweed, taken on the church lawn across the road.

I've hardly seen cakeweed for years ... and I realise it must be because of the drought. There just hasn't been enough water for them to flower.

But we've been lucky enough to have quite a bit of rain during September, and now
those little babies are everywhere.

It's a brilliant thing getting more rain ... but it sucks having to rememeber to take a double dose of hay fever medication when I'm going to stay out all day.

Gee ... what a hard life I have!

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Loz and Dinny said...

Aaah! I think those are called dandelions! My Nan always said they made you wet your bed - but sneeze is also another good option!