Saturday, August 8, 2009

Project 365 Canada Wed 5 Aug 09

We finally got on that plane after all the stressing and planning ... and I was so ready to leave. I knew I'd feel better once we left and it was so true.

Look at the air quality as we hit LA.

The clouds look just like fairy floss ... as if you could eat them.

The view of the ground. I think this was the river which winds its way through the Grand Canyon.

20 hours all up is not to be sneezed at. 14 hours from Melbourne to LA. That sucked, and it seemed as though it would never end. 4 hours from LA to NY. That was brilliant, and comparatively it seemed really short.

Customs and immigration were an experience. I expected things to be much worse than they were and I was pleasantly surprised to be treated respectfully and politely. The guy at LA helping us into the US was terrific, as was the woman as we entered Canada.

And we got everything to Canada that we wanted to bring: the Tim Tams and Vegemite for Wini, the tea tree oil and the gifts I bought for everybody.

There's so much more ... my head's going around in circles and I haven't properly adjusted to the time difference yet. I don't think I've had more than 5 hours sleep per day for the last 3-4 days and probably closer to 2 hours averaged out.

But it's so good to be here and I'm looking forward to the every new day and what it will bring.

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