Saturday, June 13, 2009

Project 365 Sat 13 Jun 09

It's what ... WWKIP day?

It's actually world wide knit in public day ... well really weekend, where people all over the world come together to knit and chat.

I learnt about this from the lovely Bellsknits, who's travelled specifically from Canberra to Sydney to meet up with others and celebrate by knitting. I hope you're all having a wonderful day.

I'm not quite at that point-and anyway I didn't learn about this until a few days ago--but I still wanted to add my little bit to the world wide celebration by selecting my first knitting project for at least a decade.

The book I've made my choice from.

What I'm making will be a gift for Lloyd's granddaughter in the US, so I'm not going to actually post the pattern. I thought it would be nice for my first project to be something we take to the US with us ... it's always nice to give a gift you made yourself.

What's even nicer for me is that the pattern is a type I'm familiar with, I can find the wool in the larger department stores (which is good when we're leaving in only 7 weeks), and I love the colours in the range.

I just need to actually buy the wool and get started! LOL

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Bells said...

oh it is always nice to have a git you've made yourself. Good on you! Look forward to seeing what you make!