Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Project 365 Tue 12 May 09

When I was sick I felt fine as long as I didn’t move; and I didn’t move for almost four days. I while away much of that time sleeping because of the motion sickness medication I took. Many, many hours of extra sleep.

But on the second day I started to go a little crazy and much of the credit to surviving the days in bed goes to rewatching several BBC DVDs.

My choice of perfect sick bed BBC DVDs.

So why did I watch these?

Robin Hood Series 1 and 2. I was half way through the first series and had to watch series 2 straight afterwards. I love the way the Sheriff camps it up, and Guy of Gisborne is so wonderfully three dimensional I have to remind myself he’s not the star. (Robin Hood and Marian? Who are they?) I can't say I'm 100% happy with the way series 2 ended. It's as though they didn’t expect to get a third series. Having said that ... I'm still excited about series 3!

North and South. After so many hours of Richard Armitage in Robin Hood and remembering how handsome he was in North and South, I had to watch ... North and South! RA is perfect as the fiery mill owner but I’m still not thrilled with how Margaret Hale is depicted; that pout just seems to make her look dull and spiritless. PS This is no criticism of Daniella Denby-Ashe, as I think she's beautiful and a fine actress.

Pride and Prejudice. Which led me, of course, to P&P95. I hadn't watched this for quite a while and yet again I lost myself. I love the pace and beauty of it, and Colin Firth is the seminal Mr Darcy. I don't think he'll ever be surpassed. In fact the whole cast is brilliant: Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennett, Alison Steadman as Mrs Bennett is just exquisite … and I love Julia Sawalha in everything she does.

Gotta love the Beeb!

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