Saturday, May 9, 2009

Project 365 Sun 10 May 09

I settled myself down early afternoon with a cup of tea, yet another book from the 19th century and a beautiful selection of Lindt chocolates. That was nice.

My favourite mug, the chocolates and my book Erewhon by Samuel Butler.

I spoke to Mum and wished her a happy mother's day and she was happy Wini and Vanessa visited her with flowers on the Saturday, and that Jason had dropped around on his way home from work. And she was going to spend the day with Carol, who I know will look after her. Love that.

Later in the day Wini got home from Ballarat with a lovely selection of DVDs for me.

The four DVDs.

I already have two of them. Pretty in Pink was my favourite during the 1980s and Clarissa bought that for me ages ago, and I also have Tristan and Isolde. Love that Rufus Sewell!

But how good were her choices? Two DVDs I have and love is fantastic, and to pick a third with another favourite of mine; Maggie Smith in My House in Umbria.

Love my baby girl Wini!

Isn't Mother's Day the best?

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