Monday, April 13, 2009

Project 365 Sun 12 Apr 09

As if it's not bad enough we don't see little Jade any more, this year we didn't get to see Tamika because it wasn't Jason's week for an access visit. And Easter, like Christmas, just isn't the same without the little ones.

Instead I had the great joy (and usual practice) of the girls turning their backs, especially Vanessa, whenever the camera comes anywhere near them. At least Wini was a little more co-operative for a change ...

Wini and Vanessa reading; and, as usual, Vanessa with her back to the camera!

All in all, though, I enjoyed my quiet Easter Sunday at Mum's house.

We had the loveliest lunch with Mum after the girls arrived, and Vanessa turned up a little while later with a computer for Wini to use to charge her iPhone.

A little later Carol and Mark turned up, and just before we left we saw Jason before he went off to work.

The only person who didn't come on Sunday was Debbie and I was lucky enough to see her on Thursday night and then Saturday as well.

As I say, a nice quiet day with family before heading off for Melbourne around 5pm and dinner with Horace. This year Horace didn't come to Ballarat with the girls and was waiting at home for us. I sure was glad to see him after four days away ...

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