Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Project 365 Wed 18 Mar 09

Because of the dizziness I didn't want to drive and little Clarissa drove me to three stores to do my weekend shop:
1. my local scrapbooking stores to pick up a couple of sheets of cardstock for a project I've been working on
2. Safeway: for the fortnightly grocery shop
3. greengrocer: for the week's meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables.

That's not to say she was thrilled, although she's usually really good. Her little face screwed up and she asked something like "Why should I?" or some equivalent.

I quickly reminded her that I answered the accountant's questions the day he posed them with the result she'll get a nice tax refund much quicker than if she'd done it herself, and she made no other noise that I might be using and abusing her!

I don't think it's possible to visit a store with a child of any age (not with mine anyway) without them adding something to the shopping basket for me to buy for them. This time around Clarissa was mad for a new mug; and why not, she's only had two new mugs over the last six or so months!

The latest cute new mug: a pink pig!

There were two mugs she had her eye on and she picked up both and asked me: "Do I look like a pig or a cow?"

There have to be a hundred good responses for someone funnier and quicker than me to throw back at her (even when I'm not dizzy and nauseous!), and all I suggested was she got the pig! She has some crazy fondness for pigs; the last pig thing she got was a green plastic money box from IKEA. Definitely not her best purchase, or was I conned into buying that for her as well?

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