Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Project 365 Tue 31 Mar 09

What with everything that's been going on with my ears and trying to cope with work I've been a little remiss in not mentioning the whole family is travelling overseas.

At first it was just Horace, Clarissa and I, with Wini heading off to Tasmania with Siobhan and no chance of her coming for financial reasons. That has all changed now with Wini also heading overseas as well.

Horace, Clarissa and I are heading off to New York on 4 August and arriving back in Australia late September. Although the plane tickets suggest we'll be in the US for seven weeks, in reality the first two weeks will be in Montreal with Dianne, the next 2-3 weeks in New York (with Lloyd and family) and then heading over to England for about 2 weeks. The train tickets to Montreal and the return flight to the UK we'll be buying in the US when we get there.

This trip is all about family; Horace's family in particular, with the majority of our time to be spend with Dianne and Lloyd. I'm really looking forward to Horace and Clarissa having the chance to spend some time with them, and then we'll be spending some time with my family in England. Mainly my Mum's family but I'm also going to follow up on my dad's family

Wini's trip is a little different because (and this came as a great surprise to all of use really) Wini's going to Canada to spend some time with a guy she dated in Australia a couple of years ago. She's leaving on the same sort of ticket at the rest of us but much earlier in July, she'll be spending the month with Diane and Lloyd with us, and after that she'll go back to Ottawa until she returns to Australia in late October. I'll post separately another time about how this came about.

All four of us have paid for our tickets, I'll be arranging out insurance shortly, and I'm working through mine and Horace's passport issues and there's more of that to come ...

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