Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Project 365 Mon 30 Mar 09

I finally know what's wrong with me ... I've got fluid on the brain, sorry, fluid in my inner ear.

Photo of fuid; I am seriously running out of ideas!

I started coming good on Thursday with the dizziness pretty well gone when I went to my test on Friday morning. But I was still curious enough to go although I was convinced nothing would be foundnd, and since it wasn't going to cost anything but time there was nothing much to stop me.

So when Horace and I went for the results on Monday morning I was really surprised to hear they'd found something.

Given the dizziness, nausea and cotton wool head have passed (8 days now without them with the exception of being woken up around 3 am on Wednesday morning), there's nothing much that can be done except some rather nasy surgery. Which I'm not going near!

And I've been assured that the remaining symptoms--the ringing, the pressure I sometimes feel in my ears and the occasional sound of my blood pumping--should also pass; although I should go back if they continue for more than a month.

So, it's all good and I'm loving feeling like a normal human being again.

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