Friday, March 6, 2009

Project 365 Thu 5 Mar 09

Routinely (at least once every couple of years) I'm reduced to almost deafness and I have to do something about it.

This is an hereditary thing. My mother has it, I've handed the baton to my youngest Clarissa; I'm talking about narrow ear canals. And if my aunt Mary is reading this she may know whether the rest of the family has this also.

The packaging in front of several of the books I'm planning to read this year.

It's a total nuisance, as anybody who experiences this will know, but this year my journey took a slightly different tack. It came with dizziness and nausea so bad all I could do was lie down and sleep until it passed; not once but twice!

And right now I'm almost completely deaf because of the ear drops; a real bonus at work during phone hookups and trying to get people to speak to me instead of over their shoulder etc. It certainly gives you a taste of what life must be like for profoundly or totally deaf people. I'm glad my hearing is usually so good.

EDITED SUN 8 MAR: I am no longer deaf and I will use this product again. It's worked better than anything else I've ever tried, and didn't cause the dizziness, which I had before I started using it.

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