Sunday, March 1, 2009

Project 365 Mon 2 Mar 09

Wandering around South Yarra on Saturday, a swanky inner city suburb, where the starting point for a broken down wreck of a house must be more than $750,000, I found this little gem.

The sign that caught my notice.

This caught my eye for two reasons:
1. what does it say for education in Australia when functionally illiterate people seem to be able to earn sums of money that allow them to live in the best suburbs (which of course to leads what about me! LOL)? and
2. how does the person who delivers mail/junk/local newspapers etc know whether what they want to deliver is authorised or not?

Or maybe I'm being too hard and the householders are asset rich/cash poor because of the economic downturn and can't afford a $2 No Junk Mail sign from the local supermarket?

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Cathy said...

lol, oh my i hate junk mail also, but why not stick in his a recycle bin and not look like an idiot to the world