Friday, February 13, 2009

Project 365 Day 44 (Fri 13 Feb 09)

FRIDAY 13TH--Dave's send off
In recognition of today as Friday 13th, I thought I'd list all the terrible things that happened today ... wait, I can't think of any except it was Dave's last day at work before leaving to start the next leg of his life.

David opening his care package during his send off lunch.

Dave is one of those quiet, diligent people it's always a pleasure to work with. The sort of person who never needs reminding what needs to be done, and always happy to lend a hand.

Louise organised the most fantastic care package for him as a send off. And because he's off to Papua New Guinea for 12 months she chose all the things he might not be able to find there: black and white film for his camera, Tim Tams, Twisties, Vegemite, WeetBix, macadamias.

Dougal and others are currently interviewing for Dave's replacement, and even if we get somebody amazing that special something Dave brought to the team will be impossible to replace.

Good luck Dave in New Guinea, good luck with finding a job there (his girlfriend already has one because she's been posted there for a year), and best wishes for the future. You deserve it.

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