Thursday, February 5, 2009

Project 365 Day 36 (Thu 5 Feb 09)

The Age newspaper reported on 27 January that we can say goodbye to the days of $1 a litre petrol as a jump of 10 cents a litre is predicted within a fortnight. As if ... if you read a little further into the article the average price of petrol when they were writing the article was $1.11 and now it's hit $1.20!

Price of petrol before and after the four cent coupon at our local Coles petrol station.

High petrol costs is less of a problem for Horace and I because we try to live as green as we can: we walk to the local shops where we can, where we have to drive it's generally local so we never drive far, I catch the train to work, and I no longer spend the entire weekend in the car driving the girls to sport and work and friends!

But I loved petrol being around $1 a litre after hissing a massive $1.50. It dropped everybody's fuel bill by one-third--which didn't mean much for Horace and I--but it meant a lot for Clarissa who drives to and from work each day and other places. And while spending an extra $5-10 per fortnight to fill her car every second week doesn't sound much, every cent counts when you don't earn much and you're saving to go overseas.

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