Monday, January 19, 2009

Project 365 Day 19 (19/01/09)

Today Wini went off to North Melbourne to play a role in a 5 minute short film made by the half brother of her girlfriend Georgia.

Wini hamming it up for the camera after she got home from her starring role.

There were only three people in the film: Wini, Bill Hunter (see link above to, a veteran of the Australian film scene and a younger guy (who apparently was in Stingers!). What a cast, and it turns out that Bill Hunter is the stepfather of Georgia's half brother. Talk about less than six degrees of separation!.

The film was set in a bar, where the two guys are both trying to assassinate each other. Wini had three scenes and took only 2-3 takes per scene. I'm really intrigued now to see what it's like.

And another short film, setting out why the two guys were fighting is set for filming in March, with Wini to be in that film as well.

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