Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Visit to Ballarat

I spent the weekend with Mum a few weeks ago, to get a few things done, and I had the most relaxing time.

I caught up with Jason and we talked about him getting a computer, which he’s been talking about for a while. I priced a few options, including using the computer as a PVR, and told him about the place I go to (MSY Technology) which everybody in Melbourne seems to have heard about. He seems very keen to get started although I’ll probably wait until after Christmas to get something organised.

I also helped Jason do a little gardening (really weeding) and did my best to denude his lemon tree … and barely touched it. Again I handed my camera over the Tamika and she got quite a few good shots, and she’s very careful with my little baby and gives me no reason to ask her to be careful.

Jason with lemons (taken by Tamika)

Me up the ladder picking lemons (taken by Tamika)

The only thing that wasn’t so nice was that Tamika didn’t feel 100% well and didn’t really want to do much on the Saturday, and then Jason came down with the same thing on Sunday.

Tamika eating comfort food (Vegemite on crackers).

Mum and I went to the Ballarat Spring Festival around the (non-existent) Lake. It was a nice day for a leisurely walk around the Lake, and we took some lunch with us and just let the day take us where it wanted. At one stage we were chatting about Debbie and John and Mum was wondering whether there was still anything between them and if they’d every get back together again … and I caught sight of Debbie out of the corner of my eye.

They always looked good together, and seemed a good match, although I think there was more to John than met the eye when it came to women. Just a feeling I got from a few stray comments.

Debbie and John together.

I also saw Tracey, a woman I used to scrap with half a dozen years ago. Her life has really changed since I last saw her; she has a new man in her life and she’s running a busy $1 store out of a tent! She seems so upbeat and happy with what she’s doing that it was really nice to see.

And most amazing from the whole weekend was getting picked up by Vanessa at the train station (completely unexpected) but then taking a detour to see the house she’s bought and expect to move into shortly after Christmas. Wow! She’s only 18 years old and to have a car and house already! Good for her, and I'll try to take photos another time I visit.

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