Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I played golf!

I signed up to play at the Chairman’s Golf Day at work and had a ball. I was complete crap, of course, having never played before. But it was the best way to take a three hour walk on the most beautiful day … the time absolutely flew.

Between the four of us in my team—that's Louise, me, Robyn and Suzanne—we did pretty well and were only 14 over. The rules of the competition meant that you didn’t have to be brilliant to play; each time the four of us took a shot only the best counted and we all started off from that point.

There were a few prizes handed out at the end of the day; Dougal in my team ended up walking away with most of them and ended up with two bottles of champagne, an umbrella and a few other things. He went home a happy thing.

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