Friday, October 10, 2008

SYTYCS08 Round 5 layout

I 'm bummed because I didn't make it through Round 5 of the competion and I keep asking myself whether I'll continue. I've enjoyed myself, especially getting a layout done each week. But at the same time I've made a few layouts I'm still deciding whether to keep ... I like doing things my way too much to want to 'challenge' myself. I guess I've learnt something about myself.

In any event, here's my layout from Round 5:

This week I had to:
1. doodle - around the edge of the photo
2. handcut title - hand drawn and hand cut
3. paint - watercolour paints to draw the spiral for the journaling
4. protrude element or edge - scalloped PP edge
5. household item - a key and 50 cent piece

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