Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New computer

Yesterday I picked up our new computer and printer. I am so excited--and exhausted--as I've spent the last two days putting the operating system, software and all our backed up stuff on to the new computer and there's still more to go until it's properly up and running.

We didn't get something off the shelf as there's the most fantastic and cheap place a few suburbs away (MSY Technology at http://www.msy.com.au if you're interested) will build what you want with a two day turnaround. So what we ended up getting was several hundred dollars less than retail, and we got only what we wanted: Vista Premium (because I lost the product key for XP), the tower, and Canon MP970 printer.

So now we have a 500GB, 3GB RAM, Intel E7200 2.53 Ghz core and video card good enough to play games. Sounds excessive but in the end we're going also going to use the computer as a PVR and for digital TV. I think I'll leave it until next week to set that up!

I'm so excited ...

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Karen said...

Well done with your computer shopping! My son builds computers and buys a lot of his parts there Tomorrow he is picking up my new hard drive.
Hope Horace's back is still improving.