Thursday, August 21, 2008

Surgeon checkup

Horace had his appointment with the surgeon in Hampton yesterday. Horace hasn't seen him since he went to the Rehab Hospital a fortnight ago, and the surgeon wanted to check the scar and plan his medication for the next few weeks.

The doctor was so impressed with how well Horace's scar has healed he said it looks like a 6 month old scar. And this after the doctor said he doesn't do key hole surgery and to expect an ugly scar ... it's barely noticeable.

Horace is also five days closer than the doctor understood in terms of stopping Oxycontin. Now he's only on 5mg morning and night, and in four days time he swaps to 5mg only for the next five days. He's in no pain at all where the surgery was done, and seems to get tweaks or spasms in other places. So I guess it's time to wean him off such strong pain relief.

Now it's just working through the physiotherapy and taking back some 'furniture' the Rehab Hospital hired to us for Horace. According to the doctor none of it's required and according to him the hospital doesn't so far understand what he wants by way of after surgery care for a decompression/fusion. It's going back on Monday when Horace goes for his outpatient physiotherapy.

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