Saturday, August 30, 2008

Clarissa's going to camp

Clarissa's decided to go to camp in America for summer 2009 as a counsellor, and it sounds so exciting I wish I was going too.

I can't remember how she started looking but she found a website ( advertising a seminar. The two of us went together and it was really funny to hear her drive there saying "I don't really want to travel on my own" and drive home saying "I don't care if I have to go on my own"! The seminar made a huge difference to how she felt (which is not surprising as that guy could sell ice to the Eskimos), but I'm glad she's really pumped about going because it will be a great experience.

The planning and organising phase were kicked off last night when we window shopped for luggage and tomorrow I'm off to get her a passport application (she's a good delegator!). Clarissa also wants to get a swimming and first aid qualification before she goes because they'll be helpful, and I promised to teach her what little I know about photography and computers.

And who knows, Clarissa may also get to meet up with family she's never met before in Canada and America ... I know she would love that.

So if you see this sweet little face in north east America during summer 2009, be extra kind because I'll be missing my baby!


Karen said...

What an exciting challenge for Clarissa!


Anonymous said...

wow, what an adventure for her!!...Goodluck in the SYTYCS!! :)