Monday, July 14, 2008

Sugar overdose

On Saturday I went on a chocolate tour of Carlton and Fitzroy with some work mates, where I experienced some of the chocolate wonders of Melbourne. And there are quite a few.

Surprisingly (and especially to me) I could hardly fit anything in as I was filled to the brim after the most amazing hot chocolate I've ever tasted and a single chocolate at Koko Black in Carlton. That was it, and after that all I was able to cope with was:

  • a mouthful each of chocolate tart and flourless chocolate muffin at Browns (Carlton)
  • a whole churro dipped in chocolate at San Churro (Fitzroy)
  • a single mouthful of chocolate pizza at Bimbo (Fitzroy).

And to make it worse, I felt slightly sick for the rest of the day. (Although I did take a flourless chocolate muffin home--for the girls of course--and Horace and I polished it off between us!).

None of that has turned me off wanting to do the whole thing again . My advice for me (and for anybody else planning to go) is to pace yourself ... and get that hot chocolate last.

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Orhan Kahn said...

Great set of pictures you've taken there.