Thursday, May 8, 2008

Visiting my Mum

I visited Mum in Ballarat over the weekend for her birthday (yesterday on 7 May) and in advance of Mother's Day this Sunday coming. It was also Tamika's birthday a few days before I arrived so we had a double celebration.

I love visiting Mum as it’s so restful and because she feeds me up. She’s such a great cook, nothing she cooks is awful, and it’s always good to chat while we make something.

Here’s a few shots of Mum from the weekend (the eternal child) throwing autumn leaves with the grandkids Tamika and Jade. She’s always been the sort of person who will get in and do things, and I love that about her.

The shots were taken just before we dropped them back to Jason, as we’d taken the two of them to McDonald’s for lunch followed by the movie Nim’s Island.

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