Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday morning

Horace and I both have different things wrong with us (Horace’s hip and my lower back) that we thought would benefit from exercise and we thought the pool would be perfect. Horace got himself a pair of bathers, I checked out prices and locations, and we went off to the local pool at 7.30am on Sunday morning for a swim.

We spent a nice hour acclimatising ourselves and it was great for Horace because we learnt swimming probably won’t give his hip any trouble. That was a big concern and it looks as though Horace will be able to manage a gentle 50+ acqua class and a swimming lesson each week, and we can go to general swimming together on the weekend. I can’t get to the pool as often, but my back should improve if I concentrate on walking more each week.

But I really shouldn’t have been so smug because when we left the pool around 8.30am to go home the car wouldn’t start.

I finally got home at around 11.15am, which wasn’t bad considering the RACV roadside assistance had to come and diagnose the problem (Horace got a lift home with the RACV guy), and then the car had to be towed to the mechanic. And it’s a great relief that we don’t have to pay anything at all for the diagnosis and tow truck because it’s all covered in the roadside assistance package we’re in.

The ignition lock is broken and I’m dreading how much that will cost; I just hope it’s not too expensive. It hasn’t broken completely—the wheels weren’t locked—but that probably won’t change the cost. On the upside, the car needs its regular service so that’s been organised, the mechanic will check whether the gear box needs a service because that’s due soon, and we’ll get the car back tomorrow.

And the great thing was that I was forced to take some time out and actually relax—something I suck at! It was the most perfect autumn day and I sat in the sunshine in a beautiful park and watched the local children play football. Can I spoil that and say I just wish I’d had my camera?

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