Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

Union Lane in the city is an interesting place.

For a start it's right in the centre of town running between one of our premier department stores (David Jones) and other stores. It's narrow and awkward since it doesn't really have a purpose in the way as it once would have.

But I love the way the building walls act as an art canvas and the lane as the venue for performance art.

And so it was one quiet lunchtime as I walked down the lane on my way to my favourite yarn store.

What I was faced with was a pile of balloons filled with water and glitter sitting on upended milk crates ... and several more stacks of crates and balloons along the lane.

And was it all about? Performance art ... with balloons to throw at the walls and add glitter to the street art.

Or to throw at each other. It didn't really matter much.

It was fun either way.

Interested in more red ... visit Mary at Work of the Poet for more.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Flea Market Finds

My vintage sheet collection is really getting out of control ... to the point where I have to seriously think about what to do with what I've got and about collecting.

My stash? Two stacks high of about 2-3 feet! Truly.

There's lots of stuff in there including a few heavy white cotton sheets for backing and flannelette for winter (or softies). The striped single sheet (mainly pink facing) is in fantastic condition and I'm keeping the purple floral for winter for my bed.

I've also managed to collect a small stash of pillow cases. I like the ones on the top and further down I've a picture of my favourites on my bed.

This is all the stuff under the pillow cases and white sheets ... and I have to call almost of them favourites. Most are in good or better condition, and many are a little faded. But there are gems. Check out the jade blue near the top and the pink towards the bottom.

I've got a few older sheets, lots of good stripes, which I love and stuff from the 1970s. Some are ordinary looking 1980s or more recent patterns that I'm thinking about passing alone. The single bed set on the top is gorgeous and will be gracing Miss W's bed when she visits at Christmas.

I have a few choices re what to do next ... and I just can't think about about stopping soon because I love looking for sheets too much. Next year making a quilt is very high on the list of my plans ... again. This year I just actually have to achieve it. Other options including swaps and maybe becoming the first Australian on Made It to sell vintage sheet fat quarters?

Until I make up my mind I'm using some of the stash on my bed ... as well as stuff I deliberately picked up for my bed.

I love these pillow cases and these sheets are favourites I'm keeping. (It's kinda interesting my favourites tend to be from the 1980s and 1990s).

These 1980s sheets are also a favourite and sit really well with the white floral embroidered doona cover I found a few months ago. (Sorry about the unmade bed).

And lastly my favourite I picked up yesterday ... for the princely sum of $6 at Vinnies. Beautifully stylish and so 1980s! LOL

I'm off to visit Sofie at Her Library Adventures for lots more Flea Market loveliness.