Saturday, October 2, 2010

Reverse finds

I met Catherine from pencils and pens at NCB on Thursday night and it was so nice to meet her ... she's so bright and bubbly, and I totally look forward to the Softies for Mirabel she ends up making. I should get myself organised to contribute ... but I hesitate to commit myself and then have to renege, and even if I don't make anything I can still claim a contribution (I passed over a plastic bag full of stuffing to Catherine).

On to Reverse Finds ... I'm still working my way through my kitchen cupboards and I'm extremely happy at passing on this dinner service to a better home.

It was a gift a very long time ago (20 years ago?) and it's never really been me. One of the bowls has a small chip on it and a bread and butter plate and tea cup plate are missing, but it's barely been used.

We mostly use spaghetti bowls for eating and I have a gorgeous white with gold edging dinner service if I really want to go to town.

If you've got stuff you'd like to pass on or you'd just like to unclutter or destash you life ... the idea is that each week we focus on for something that can be recycled, donated etc. I'm breathing easier already. The Reverse Finds Queen at pencils and pins is leading the march!

Good luck with destashing and have a great weekend.


Vic said...

You've got ageeeeeeeeees to have a Softie for Mirabel ready but I can understand your hesitation... just make it without signing up, bask in the lack of pressure & then sign up when it's posted! ;)

Happy Blogtoberfest!

Catherine said...

I have such trouble getting rid of old gifts too! (and we use pasta bowls for most meals too - we do have a lot in common!) it was really great to meet you, Susan - and knowing you would be there gave me the confidence to turn up - thanks!!

Anonymous said...

this is such a great idea I have a box I am slowly filling up with casserole dishes, cake tins etc that I just don't use and really need to pass on and I LOVE the feeling of decluttering, I must join in with the reverse finds thingey